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[25 Oct 2012 | View Comments | 3,511 views]
Think “Outside the DeDuplication Box” for Backup

Over the past couple of years the terms Backup and DeDuplication have become synonomous.  The vast majority of organizations today, regardless of size, have either implemented DeDuplication within their environment, are considering implementing it, or at a minimum wondering if they would benefit from DeDuplication.  This is in large part due to the fact that the industry as a whole has been force feeding the need for DeDuplication in an effort to grab a piece of the pie.  Heck, the term DeDupe itself has all but become a household name.  …

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[10 Oct 2012 | View Comments | 8,396 views]
Faster AS/400 (iSeries) Backup and Disaster Recovery

Somewhere in the server room near you lurks the sometimes ominous OS/400 system running on iSeries server hardware. Typically, company “lifeblood” accounting applications such as those from JDE (J.D. Edwards) are running on these systems.  Perhaps I am being a little biased here by my chosen profession but the words “lifeblood”, mission critical, and even accounting all put the brain on automatic with the following questions:

If the system goes down what are the consequences?
How will workflow be interrupted?
What percentage of the company will be affected?
Ultimately, what are the dollars associated …

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[29 Aug 2012 | View Comments | 2,381 views]
Drobo – A Glimpse into the Future of Storage

Some may disagree (or refuse to admit) that today we are dead in the midst of a significant paradigm shift as it relates to data storage.  What I am referring to primarily is “general purpose” data storage, the type of storage that 60% – 70% of the data at any given company could reside upon.
For years the storage industry was driven by the manufacturers.  As drive technologies improved, capacities increased, and companies began listening to the iSCSI story, storage manufacturers engaged in a bloody battle to develop and bring to …

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[11 Mar 2012 | View Comments | 2,503 views]
Extending the Value of Data DeDuplication

Most IT departments understand the value of data deduplication but we’ll recap them here:
Less Disk – Data de-duplication reduces disk utilization by 90 percent or more.
Less Cost – With less disk, logically you spend less on disk but the savings extends to reduced power, space, and cooling requirements… and backup administrators spend less time managing backups
Faster backup, faster recovery, less media failures – For backups and virtualized environments, deduplication reaps huge, obvious benefits as backups and VMDK files are typically copies of data already. Since writing and reading from disk …